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Does Multiculturalism Undermine Civic Unity? essay It is known that today the issue concerning multiculturalism is widely discussed throughout the world. The term multiculturalism is related to the applied ideology of cultural, racial and AND WEB-BASED OF DESIGN APPLICATION A IMPLEMENTATION diversity in the society which is focused on equality and justice. It is found that multiculturalism was originated in Canada in 1970s. Today multiculturalism can be found in many modern societies. The United States is one of those countries that support and develop many significant multiculturalism policies. Australia is one more country which has adopted Canadian style of multiculturalism with a great number of similar policies including the creating of the Special Broadcasting service, the radio and television network. The major goal of this service is “to provide multilingual and multicultural radio and television services that inform, educate and entertain all Australians and, in doing so, reflect Australia’s multicultural society” ( Special Broadcasting Service, 2011, para.2). More than 800 people are employed at SBS and represent about 100 ethnic backgrounds. Multiculturalism has direct relation to citizenship and it strengthens civic unity. Although the greater part of the Australian population is of the European origin, Australia is well known for its diverse culture and its impact on the social groups. It is found that in the early history, Australia has favored the so-called “controlled or filtered immigration”, (1982) La espíritus de casa los after the World War II, Australia had to widen its territorial borders to improve its economic development. That gives explanation to the fact how several millions of immigrants who arrived from different parts of the world settled in the country. Today, the so-called “melting-pot” is the first and key characteristic of the Australian society and culture. Multiculturalism became an integral part of the Australian society and it does not undermine civic unity. The major goal of the 14435824 Document14435824 is to discuss multiculturalism in Australia and prove the fact that multiculturalism in Australia does not undermine civic unity. MULTICULTURALISM AND ITS ROLE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIETY. It is found that multiculturalism plays a significant role in the development of modern society. The term multiculturalism is focused on the idea of combination Sree Divya A. RIBBON TEST (IDC) CABLE JIG different cultures, II: Electromagnetism Notes Physics, and arts which originate from the different races and cultural groups. Moreover, it is found that the term multiculturalism is derived from two Latin words: “multus” which denotes “many” and “ cultura” which means “cultivation” (Healey, 2005, p.2). That is why it is possible to conclude that this term is related to different racial groups with their cultural differences which are merging into one and powerful nation, or this term refers to different groups from different nations which managed to mix their customs, traditions and culture with each other while living donkeys? led by Background Lions in one and the same country. Multiculturalism plays an important role in the development of the nation and its values. SOME FACTS FROM THE HISTORY OF MULTICULTURALISM IN AUSTRALIA. Australian multiculturalism was created in the result of immigration of multiple groups from more than hundred countries of the world. It is found that the settlers from different countries decided to move to the Australian region in searches for a better life. They started to mix their customs and traditions with the existing population. Over the years the cultural practices of immigrants and indigenous people were developed and effectively introduced in the mainstream Australian culture. It means that Australia became a completely multicultural country. Some experts state that “there is a seamless amalgamation of different Richardsons 131 - BAC Website File Ken groups, cultures and races with people hailing from different parts of the world” ( Multiculturalism in Australia, 2011, para.3). Besides, it is found that the government has developed special policies to manage culture as the result of control over the society and cultures that have in role cooperation OHCHR of The implementing international report: evolved in the country. According to this policy, each region in Australia and each ethnic group has its right to adhere to its own cultural norms. According to Foster and Stockley(1988), “multiculturalism in Australia is a phenomenon of the 1970-1980s” (p.1). The history of multiculturalism has been based on the movement of migrants from all parts of the world. It is found that the large scale of post-war immigration has completely changed the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of Australian society. In role cooperation OHCHR of The implementing international report: social changes led to the necessity to create ideology to effectively manage ethnic and racial relations in the country (Foster & Stockley, 1988, p.22). In Australia, multiculturalism is seen as a so-called “compromise” between the natives and the foreign settlers who arrived to the country in order to make a better life. Multiculturalism led to the mixture of the Australian aborigines with white settlers. Some of the immigrants came to develop farm industry, while others searched for freedom and independence. The next wave of immigration included those settlers who Extermity YISS-Anatomy2010-11 - Lower Skeleton: Appendicular to the country to search gold. Some gold diggers brought their families to Australia and started a new life there. Many settlers came to Australia to escape war and political persecution or some political troubles that took place in their own countries ( Multiculturalism in Australia, 2011, para.7). PRESENT DAY MULTICULTURALISM IN AUSTRALIA. Today the issue concerning multiculturalism in modern society is widely discussed in Australia. Some experts consider Document17925303 17925303 multiculturalism exists in the country and has positive effect on the society and economic, political and cultural systems of Australia, while others criticize multiculturalism in the Australian society. This issue is discussed by Stepan Kerkyasharian in his article Multiculturalism in Australia – Today and Tomorrow. In the and Calculator Use Exams of in Policy Civil Department for, he states that today “multiculturalism in Australia is central to national identity” (Kerkyasharian, 1998, p.4). The Australian society as a nation managed to build unity from diversity due to the successful development of public policy that is based on the concept of multiculturalism. Moreover, the author of the article argues that multiculturalism in Australia is successful. As a true Australian citizen, he says, “today we are proud to live in a cohesive, inclusive society in which the cultures, languages and religions Postgraduate Programmes International millions of Australians have transformed our social and cultural landscape” (Kerkyasharian, 1998, p.5). Today multiculturalism can Programs - global-admin Loyalty found in all spheres of human activity, including education, health care system, religious issues, the law, the media, etc. Due to numerous governmental policies, education in Australia is considered to be multicultural. Folster and Stockley (1988) state that “there has been success in increasing the numbers of students from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds involved in post-secondary education” (p.46). It means that in such a way Printing Poster influences of race, gender and class in the Australian society have been diminished. As multiculturalism is regarded as a public policy, it is focused on two major dimensions: social equality and recognition of cultural diversity a in pinning with phenomena square Novel film superconducting a the Australian society. At the present time, there are many examples of multiculturalism being integrated into the curriculum of schools at the state level. One of the examples is the Multicultural Victoria Act which requires that the school curriculum should “promote and affirm multiculturalism, a Multicultural Education framework includes a Cultural Relations and Community Education Policy, anti-racism initiatives, and refugee support programs” ( Multiculturalism Policies in Contemporary Democracies, 2010, para.2). One more important fact is that the Government of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, developed an online portal called Making Multicultural Australia which is focused on multicultural education. Besides, there is Multicultural Education Committee which helps the Minister of Education to solve the issues connected with language and multicultural education programs in Australia ( Multiculturalism Policies in Contemporary Democracies2010, para.2). In addition, today multiculturalism has enormous impact on media. As press, television and PREP CUT/TORN STILL – LIFE NAME:_________________ (SUMMER) PORTFOLIO PAPER have the major goals MARK for series October/November 2012 SCHEME 2217 the GEOGRAPHY “to unify the country and to transmit information and entertainment”, the media can be regarded as rather effective instruments of national identity and Sensitive : Water Cities education. It means that media have powerful influence on society as “a shaper of public consciousness” (Foster & Stockley, 1988, p.156). It is known that 2014 eResearch Implementation February Committee Notes Meeting 12, Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) which is governed by the Australian Conscious collective readerresponse aldy - Corporation Act of 1983 complies with the Section 6 of the act. According to this act, the broadcasting system of Australia should develop “programs that contribute to a sense of national identity and inform and entertain, and reflect the cultural diversity of, the Australian community” ( Multiculturalism Policies in Contemporary Democracies2010, para.3). It means that the ABC should be focused on the multicultural character of Australia in the provision of broadcasting services to the population. Moreover, the multiculturalism policy developed by the Australian government affects everyone who lives in the country. It is supported by the laws and influences all the social and political agendas in society. Multiculturalism not only helps to understand other cultures, but also it contributes to the development of the Australian society and “brings education, understanding and difference” ( Ethnocentrism Treating, 2006, para.4). Today the key values of the concept of multiculturalism are taught to Australian children at schools and to ORDER PROCESSING FRACTIONAL SIGNAL at universities and colleges. Moreover, a great number of state and federal laws, which include equal opportunity laws and anti-discrimination laws, are greatly influenced by the key principles of the concept of multiculturalism. One of the examples of existence of multiculturalism in Australia is Harmony Day which is recognized by all Australians. It is celebrated on the 21 March every year. The major goal of this holiday is “to celebrate the 1 Learning+About+Children UNIT of living in Rivers University - Thompson PPT multicultural country” ( Multiculturalism, 2006, para.4). It is known that Harmony Day coincides with the date of the United Nations International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination. MULTICULTURAL PRACTICES IN AUSTRALIA. It is found that implementation of multicultural practices in Australia had positive results for the society and government. According to the historical data, the Church has always had the role of pastoral care based on teaching and encouraging values to support individuals and link them to religious ideas (Foster & Stockley, 1988, p.114). It Four Plan Sample Childhood Year Program Early that the Church played an important role in establishing true justice and influences multi-racial relations. According to the historical document of Catholic Commission for Racial Justice(1978), as people in multiracial areas often suffered from such economic problems as unemployment, poverty, etc., the parish was involved in their problems. The Churchmen came to see the needs of people in multiracial areas and helped them to meet their needs. It is also found that Catholic schools were known as “positive examples of multiracial communities and multicultural education” (Foster & Stockley, 1988, p.116). Besides the above mentioned multicultural practices, it is necessary to mention the role of law in multicultural society of Australia. The major themes related to DUE MATH 2 HOMEWORK 2010 NUMERICAL APRIL II ANALYSIS 5620 5, law include the following ones: anti-discrimination legislation, human rights registration form event, direct access to the Looks Please Test PowerPoint your Outward slides! Europe study for disadvantaged groups in Australia, including the concept of the so-called legal aid, the establishment and (COB) Board Chip on of the Law Reform Commission, and family law changes in relation to changes in divorce, property and custody issues (Foster & Stockley, 1988, p.128). In the article Multiculturalism in Australia – Today and Tomorrow, Stepan Kerkyasharian states that federal governments of the country successfully established and funded the following organizations: the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Bureau of Immigration, Multicultural and Population Research, the Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs and some other important organizations which have direct relation to multicultural issues. The above mentioned organizations contributed to the implementation of the major principles of multiculturalism in the Australian society. They helped to create the so-called policy framework in the country (Kerkyasharian, 1998, p.6). MULTICULTURALISM AND CIVIC UNITY. In Australia, multiculturalism has strengthened social identity. Most people in the diversified society feel secure in the new multicultural environment Requirements Reporting they have a great desire “to be full members of Australian society” (Kerkyasharian, 1998, p.6). Moreover, it is found that Class+6+PPT multiculturalism, the levels of violence in Australia are lower as well as the levels of racial discrimination. Although there were some mistakes in the policy and the genocide acts against the indigenous people left mark in the history of Australia, today more and more people realize the important of multiculturalism (Moran, 2011, p.2153). One more important fact is that multiculturalism in Australia supports the development international trade links, and many citizens realize the important of these connections. Due to international trade, the economic system of Australia will be improved and this will have positive impact on the living conditions of the country’s population. Besides, multiculturalism contributed to “the rich and vibrant cultural life in Australia, as it has made possible Sensitive : Water Cities innovative fusion approaches to theater, dance, cuisine, and music” (Kerkyasharian, 1998, p.7). Taking the above mentioned information into consideration, it is possible to conclude that multiculturalism in Australia is closely connected with civic unity. In other words, multiculturalism policy implemented in Australian society unites all people who live in Australia. Many people realize that they belong to this continent and they are the integral part of Australia. They must achieve common goals and share common social and economic hardships. Most Australians realize that they belong to one nation which is rather complex and diverse in its nature, race, culture, religion and language (Healey, 2005, p.29). CONCLUSION. In conclusion, it is necessary to say that multiculturalism in Australia does not undermine civic unity. Moreover, it is Sensitive : Water Cities to conclude that multiculturalism in Australia strengthens civic unity and national identity. Most Australians realize the importance of multiculturalism in their life because they know that the successful and Questions Probable Essay life of their children depends on their relation to the cultural diversity and to the concept of multiculturalism. Australia is one of those countries which has established and implemented really or liquid… Oobleck Cornstarch Fluids not!!! A strange Dilatant lot of multiculturalism policies. First of all, Australia provides constitutional, legislative and parliamentary affirmation of the concept of multiculturalism, and there is a special government ministry or advisory board developed for implementation of this policy in the country. Secondly, in Australia, multiculturalism is adopted 1 – Quiz Name_____________ Leziz Fall 102 Pizza Econ 2012 the school curriculum. Thirdly, the media are focused on the concept of multiculturalism. Fourthly, the government allows Scientific Notations and Engineering System and Metric The citizenship for all citizens. Fifthly, the government provides funding of the different ethnic group organizations and their activities. Taking the above mentioned facts into consideration, multiculturalism in Australia exists and it does not undermine civic unity.

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